MJPdyno - Kvalität und Präcizion zum Super Preise


                                          Prüfstand für 750 PS geeignet.Motorrad Prüfstand, Motorrad Dynamometer. MJ Power Serie 2200 Motorrad Dynamometer.

The MJPower Injection Link is  our latest development 

and is an integrated part of the MJPower Dyno Software package.

Now it is possible with a single Keystroke to Map both PowerCommander®  and RapidBike® ECU Modules inside the MJPower Dyno Program.
Simply make a test with the Throttle position(s) you want to remap and the MJPower Link software is able to automatically correct the ECU map table numbers on basis of the A/F ratio's measured during the Test.
This advanced Link also works 100% with the Inertia Dyno, giving the operator the possibility to automate the mapping procedure using the more real life realistic dynamic acceleration test conditions, instead of being forced to only use old style brake step and hold type of  tests.


Example of auto remap of the 100% Throttle position on an IgniJet® ECU.

100% Throttle position mapping on a Z750N Kawa
Purple is standard Bike, Red is with the Powercommander as delivered and Green is after the MJPower Injection Link had done its automated work in achieving the targeted 13.0 A/F Fuel Ratio.


Integrated Throttle position registration during Testing.